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HCS Thermal Cork Shield Insulates Your Home

HCS Thermal Cork Shield’s impressive sprayed insulation is an outstanding way to insulate your home in Minnesota. Cork insulation’s eco-friendly manufacturing and application and natural properties protect your home against external temperatures in any season, no matter what environment you live in. Our state’s frigid winter temperatures and heavy snow can seep into your home and leave your family shivering. Thermal Cork Shield creates an excellent break between your interior spaces and exterior temperatures, water, and other elements and includes a 15 year warranty.

Excellent Insulation for Various Structures

Thermal Cork Shield offers outstanding protection on a wide array of structures. HCS Thermal Cork Shield’ highly trained and certified applicators ensure you get the best insulative results with exemplary service and cork insulation’s natural properties. We can apply cork insulation to any of the following options:


Your family deserves premium protection from the harsh outdoor temperatures. Cork insulation offers a greener and more efficient break between your interior spaces and summer and winter highs and lows. Applying Thermal Cork Shield on your home's exterior does more than enhance your indoor comfort. The insulation looks appealing and can increase your home’s curb appeal without cracking for years.


Investing in insulation at your commercial property should live up to the money you put into it. Thermal Cork Shield has water, salt, and thermal resistance to keep out extreme temperatures, rain, snow, ice, and more. Staff and visitors will enjoy cork insulation’s attractive look, and cork is naturally fire retardant, stopping the fire from spreading and reducing its intensity in case an emergency situation arises.

Storage Structures

If you have a storage shed, detached garage, or any other structure exposed to our state’s weather and temperatures, you need to protect it. Applying Thermal Cork Shield on your barn or shed keeps everything inside safe from water, heat, cold, and other elements threatening their condition. Our certified applicators work quickly and efficiently to ensure the best possible results and years of reliable insulation.


Cork insulation applies to more than your home or business. You can rely on our applicators to put sprayed cork insulation onto various pieces of equipment and get the same insulative benefits your family, staff, and visitors enjoy. We know which equipment is eligible for Thermal Cork Shield and how to apply it. Protecting your equipment investments from weather, temperatures, and other elements helps it last longer and work better.

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Protecting Minnesota Homeowners From the Outside

You can improve your home’s comfort, protection, and curb appeal with HCS Thermal Cork Shield’s application services. Let us show you the difference cork insulation makes during every season with a long-lasting break on your home’s exterior.

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Fight the Heat & Cold With Cork Insulation