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Thermal Cork Shield for Commercial Business

Your business is a significant investment of time and money and the building where you run it deserves the same consideration to maintain its value and protection. When choosing an insulation solution for your business in Minnesota, commercial cork insulation on your exterior is a greener and more efficient option than other finishes. HCS Thermal Cork Shield has a team of officially trained and certified applicators ready to serve you throughout the state. Our specialized training and expertise in Thermal Cork Shield cover every aspect of the application process. If you need to know what to expect during your application or are curious about how Thermal Cork Shield protects your business, we will gladly answer your questions and concerns.

stone colored cork

Specialized Expertise in Thermal Cork Shield

HCS Thermal Cork Shield ‘s applicators have official Thermal Cork Shield training and certification to ensure we understand everything about this insulation product. We can answer your queries about how it acts as a break between your interior space and outside elements like water, street noise, and temperatures. After scheduling your application, our team arrives at your business on time to carry out every step of the process with careful precision and attention to detail. We prepare your building’s exterior and thoroughly apply the sprayed cork insulation to it without cutting corners or leaving bare spots. Our finished work gives your exterior an appealing finish your staff and visitors will appreciate. Additionally, all the cork’s natural properties benefit your structure’s comfort and value.

business exterior

Impressive Properties for Business Protection

Cork is a renewable natural resource and a greener choice in commercial insulation. Manufacturers make Thermal Cork Shield by removing the bark from cork trees instead of cutting them down. The bark grows back after harvesting it, and the entire removal, manufacturing, and application process make zero impact on the environment. Our cork insulation also provides thermal, water, and salt resistance to protect your business against outdoor temperatures, weather, and other harmful or uncomfortable elements. Cork is also a fire retardant, so it slows or stops the spread of fire and reduces its intensity. If you or your staff have allergies or asthma, Thermal Cork Shield doesn’t shed its fibers, reducing dust and making our product hypoallergenic. Thermal Cork Shield has countless other properties working in your favor to make your business more comfortable while protecting its value, condition, and aesthetics.

HCS Thermal Cork Shield Helps You Save

As cork insulation specialists, HCS Thermal Cork Shield enjoys helping business owners enhance their building’s comfort and value while saving them money every month. Thermal Cork Shield’s energy-efficient insulative properties can reduce your utility bills by keeping outdoor heat and cold out of your interior spaces.

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