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Benefits of Cork for Minnesota Homeowners

HCS Thermal Cork Shield wants Minnesota residents to understand all possible benefits of putting Thermal Cork Shield on their home or business’s exterior. In the summer and winter, our state’s extreme temperatures can cause our utility bills to skyrocket and our families and staff members to freeze or sweat. With a 15 year warranty, Thermal Cork Shield is the ideal insulation to protect your home from the heat and cold. This sprayed cork insulation is the market’s most advanced eco-friendly energy product for commercial and residential properties. We proudly offer our product because of the cork’s amazing natural characteristics, such as water resistance, salt resistance, and thermal resistance.

Why Choose Thermal Cork Shield

Homeowners and business owners get various benefits because of cork insulation’s natural properties. This material is thermal, water, and salt resistant, and it’s fire retardant. Your household will stay quieter thanks to the cork’s acoustic insulation, and there’s significantly less chance of mold or mildew growth. Cork is also a renewable resource since no cork trees are cut down, and the bark grows back after harvesting. The entire removal, manufacturing, and application process have no impact on the environment. If you’d like to take advantage of all these benefits and more, we’re ready to schedule an application at your property.


Cork insulation is incredibly resistant to harsh conditions and only fades one to two percent annually. One of cork’s natural properties is it never reaches a freezing point.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Sprayed cork insulation adds consistent color and texture, giving your home a beautiful look that stands out for years. Thermal Cork Shield also doesn’t chip, crack, or fade, and you can transform your home’s look with many different colors to consider.

Environmentally Friendly

Cork tree bark is removed every nine years, and large amounts of oxygen are released from it into the environment because of the removal process. Cork trees last hundreds of years and continue growing new tree bark, making this material a greener product since it’s naturally renewable.

Flexibility and Elasticity

Our cork insulation is not like stucco or paint. Thermal Cork Shield will not crack or chip because of its flexibility and elasticity. Cork insulation is capable of recovering its initial volume after deformation, nearly eliminating the cracks you see in most stucco or paint finishes.

Fire Retardant

Cork is naturally fire retardant and doesn’t release incandescent particles or let the flames propagate. These qualities stop or slow the spread of fire or reduce its intensity.

Acoustic Insulation

Thermal Cork Shield reduces sound and makes your building or home quieter, reducing echoes in any room. Recording studios will use cork to prevent sound reverberation.

Thermal Insulation

Applying cork insulation to your home’s surface creates a thermal break and keeps out heat and cold. Our cork insulation’s surface will feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Mold Resistant

Cork’s natural properties prevent mildew and mold from growing. Laboratory tests have shown our product produces zero mildew and mold growth.

Lower Energy Bills

HCS Thermal Cork Shield applies cork insulation to your home’s surface, creating a thermal break to keep out outside elements. This break can cause lower monthly utility bills.


Thermal Cork Shield’s formula was developed from years of research, letting it keep out the elements and hold its color and shape. You get maintenance-free home or building protection for many years.

Green Product

The process excavates the bark but does not cut down trees, and removing the bark releases oxygen. There’s a worldwide increase in cork trees, giving wildlife a greater habitat.

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