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Why Choose Minnesota Cork Shield

We know that you have many options when looking into giving your home an upgrade and it’s important you know all of the benefits that cork will provide. Here are a few comparisons from paint and stucco and why you should schedule a consultation with HCS Thermal Cork Shield to improve and protect your home today. We offer outstanding cork products to Minnesota residents with impressive natural properties, such as its thermal, salt, and water resistance. Our cork insulation is also a greener choice than other options and has a 15-year warranty. Thermal Cork Shield already protects countless homes and businesses throughout the country because it’s highly effective in any environment.

home with corkshield

Comparing Cork Insulation to Paint

HCS Thermal Cork Shield can give you many reasons to choose Thermal Cork Shield over paint. You want the safest, most effective, and most natural method to protect your home. Our cork insulation has various qualities standard paint doesn’t have. For instance, paint fades between 8-10 percent each year, and environmental conditions can make it degrade heavily. To keep it optimal, you typically need to repaint your structure every two to five years. Paint is also not as efficient, and it’s harder on the environment. Thermal Cork Shield is environmentally friendly and incredibly effective as sprayed cork insulation. The following are a few reasons you should choose Thermal Cork Shield for your home or business:

  • Noise Dampening
  • Fire Retardant
  • Salt and Mold Resistance
  • Fade and Impact Resistant
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Thermal Break Greatly Enhances Your Insulation Qualities
home exterior

Thermal Cork Shield vs Stucco

If you’re considering stucco for your home or business, you must consider its value and protection. Many people like stucco’s look and elegance, but Thermal Cork Shield already resembles stucco in appearance while providing all cork insulation’s advantages. We can also apply Thermal Cork Shield directly over your paint or stucco finish. Stucco requires a significant amount of maintenance to keep it in good condition. This material also gets very hot or cold and transfers that temperature to your interior walls because of its porosity. Let us provide the insulation and protection you want with our cork insulation. Here are some advantages Thermal Cork Shield has over stucco:

  • Fire Retardant
  • Fade Resistance
  • Impact and Crack Resistance
  • Noise Dampening
  • Salt and Mold Resistance
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Optimizes Existing Insulation to its Greatest Potential
  • Thermal Break Significantly Reduces Hot and Cold Temperature Transfer Through Exterior Walls

HCS Thermal Cork Shield Covers Your Comfort

With HCS Thermal Cork Shield’s application services, you get a wide array of benefits, including energy efficiency, thermal insulation, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. Cork is also an eco-friendly and renewable resource because the cork bark naturally grows back after it’s removed. We are ready to optimize your home and business comfort and protection throughout the state.

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