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Thermal Cork Shield in Minnesota

Thermal Cork Shield in Minnesota

Thermal Cork Shield in Minnesota

15 Year Warranty for Your Home


HCS Thermal Cork Shield Explains What Cork Is

HCS Thermal Cork Shield knows how essential your home or business’s insulation is. We offer customers in Minnesota thermal sprayed cork insulation to protect your home from outside heat and cold. You might wonder what themeral cork shield is and how it applies to insulation. Cork is a naturally occurring and incredibly versatile material that comes from a cork oak tree’s outer bark. This material is also an eco-friendly, renewable resource because the bark grows back after harvesting it. Cork’s insulative properties, impermeable composition, and low-combustible quality make it an excellent material to block outdoor temperatures from seeping into your home or business’s interior.

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A Sprayed Solution for Minnesota Temperatures

Your home or business deserves outstanding protection from how summers and frigid winters. With HCS Thermal Cork Shield’s highly effective sprayed insulation solution, you get a layer of protection that’s resistant to temperatures, water, and salt. This all-around protection safeguards your structure against rain, snow, ice, and fire because cork stops fire from spreading or reduces its intensity. You also benefit from the cork’s acoustic insulation property and mold resistance. Cork insulation is a green, maintenance-free option that can reduce your monthly energy bills. Finally, it looks appealing and can improve your home or business’s curb appeal. An additional feature is cork is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with asthma or allergies.

We Are Ready to Serve You

HCS Thermal Cork Shield will gladly set up a consultation with you on how to insulate your structure with a protective layer of sprayed Thermal Cork Shield. You’ll enjoy all the benefits accompanying this insulative material, and we can schedule your application to fit your needs and schedule.