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John Hogan’s Journey

“Born in Minnesota and raised in the southern United States, my first job was as a DJ at one of my father’s radio stations. I spent most of my adult life in Georgia and 12 years ago moved to the area to be closer to family. As a third-generation entrepreneur, I started HCS Thermal Cork Shield and became the Vipeq Thermal Cork Shield distributor for the state of Minnesota. I chose Thermal Cork Shield because I have a passion for helping families and business owners improve their homes and buildings by helping solve issues that property owners encounter. I’m excited to offer Thermal Cork Shield, an eco-friendly product that saves energy while protecting the exterior of your home or building to Minnesota.”

Holmes - working together to make it right

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Mike Holmes (left) tv’s Holmes on Homes, and John Hogan (right) founder of HCS Thermal Cork Shield, at the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL.

About HCS Thermal Cork Shield in Minnesota

HCS Thermal Cork Shield is a proud sprayed cork insulation provider in Minnesota. Our Thermal Cork Shield applications are a greener, more energy-efficient option for homes and businesses throughout the state. Suppose you’re concerned about the environment but need an insulative solution for all seasons. In that case, our applications are eco-friendly and highly effective at protecting your structure against salt, water, and outside temperatures. We understand how beneficial cork insulation is to keep your family, staff, and visitors comfortable indoors during frigid winters and stifling summers. With our help, you get years of reliable protection and an appealing look to improve your curb appeal.

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Fight the Heat & Cold With Cork Insulation