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HCS Thermal Cork Shield Process of Application

HCS Thermal Cork Shield in Minnesota is an official distributor of eco-friendly Thermal Cork Shield, sprayed cork insulation made with cork and natural polymers. We focus our services on redeveloping traditional building technologies to create better, greener, and more energy-efficient products for every industry. The cork insulation application process is pretty straightforward and similar to house painting. However, if you want the best possible results, you need to hire a certified applicator to handle your insulation installation.

spray on cork

Our Cork Insulation Process

Partnering with HCS Thermal Cork Shield to safeguard your home or business against outside elements gives you access to a certified applicator. We send our applicator to your location to evaluate the work your project involves and give you an upfront estimate on your project. We rigorously train and certify our application team and dealers in every aspect of our installation process, including surface preparation and proper spraying techniques. Our team works with you from beginning to end to ensure your satisfaction. Most of Thermal Cork Shield’s volume is air, so we don’t need to make any structural modifications to apply the coating. Thermal Cork Shield is not like paint or stucco. This insulation won’t crack or chip and requires no maintenance after applying it.

cork trees

HCS Thermal Cork Shield Creation

Thermal Cork Shield is sprayed cork insulation that is environmentally friendly. Cork is an eco-friendly and renewable resource derived from the bark of cork trees. The bark grows abundantly and very thick, and it regrows after harvesting it. While extracting cork bark, the cork trees release large amounts of oxygen into the air. Manufacturers don’t need to cut down trees to make our product, and the extraction, manufacturing, and application methods for Thermal Cork Shield don’t have any impact on the environment.

HCS Thermal Cork Shield in Minnesota

HCS Thermal Cork Shield has applied our cork insulation product in countless commercial and residential structures. Our list of projects includes metal and fiberglass campers, RV walls and roofs, utility trailers, ice fishing shacks, recreational trailers, industrial tanks and equipment, and many other applications. Thermal Cork Shield’s combination of world-class customer service and superior sustainability also includes a 15-year warranty. This revolutionary solution to structural insulation provides customers with long-lasting results. Our professional team will gladly enlighten you on all the details and benefits of Thermal Cork Shield applications.

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